Why Stop Your Marketing?

It is all over the news, the economy is bad. Yes we know thank you for telling us over and over again because we quite didn’t hear it the first, second or thirteenth time. By the way, did you know the economy is bad?

But what does this mean in terms of a businesses marketing budget? As we all know the first budgets to be cut are always the marketing budget. Why? It seems since the new business is far and few between, the all mighty powers that be feel that marketing isn’t too important as the existing customers will stay customers and why bother to try and pick up new customers during a down economy?

The reason to not stop your marketing is when the economy begins to pick up, the first companies or products which are going to be remembered are the ones who didn’t stop their marketing efforts. And (yes I used an And to begin a sentence) there are people and companies who are still making money and not feeling the downside to this economy. They are still spending money and going about their lives as if nothing has changed. Think about this population and target them!

This is why I ask the question, “Why stop your marketing?”

With all the new ways to market your business, why not open your mind up to the endless possibilities. It’s just not about print or radio anymore! Video optimization, content creation, podcasts, webinars, online article marketing, social media marketing and online press release distribution, oh and blogging; don’t forget blogging, are all great tools to use when you want to continue marketing to reach a different or new audience.

So ask yourself should you stop all your marketing efforts? When this economy begins to turn around, think about who will be ahead (competition) of and who will be left behind (you).

New Copy vs Rewrites

The ongoing debate of new copy vs rewrites and what to charge for rewrites seems to come up more often when the economy is at its worst or around tax seaon.

My definition of rewrites has always been to take the already existing copy and reword it with the same tone and style as most clients who want a rewrite, I have found in my experience, just want the same overall feel to say the same thing but just wants the words jumbled around a bit.

My definition of new copy is just that; new copy! Copy which engages the reader, copy which stimulates the reader to click or keep reading more; copy which is strong and interesting.

Due to this ongoing debate which I seem to encounter every few months, we do charge a lower rate for rewrites as when clients explain to us, “Well I just want the copy rewritten and it shouldn’t take you very long.” Is another word for “I am cheap and won’t pay your pricing so let’s call it a rewrite BUT I expect newly written copy.”

Um, yea that doesn’t fly with me. Maybe some writers would just grin and take it but after 10 years of being in this business, I don’t stand for the people who think they are “pulling” one over on the “desperate writer.”

New copy is just that; new, freshly written copy.

Rewrites are taking already existing copy (no matter boring, crappy or whatever) and just reworking it to say the same thing. That is why it is called a rewrite.

When you want new, sparkingly fresh, vibrant copy, then you already know what my answer is…You got to pay for it!

So next time someone asks for a rewrite due to the price, don’t expect amazingly new copy. It’s the policy I have followed for years and no, it won’t change.

Keeping a Blog Updated

Since my last post was from June 30, I am not doing a great job keeping the PearlyWrites blog updated. I have been working and focusing on our AdultOrganicSEO.com blog where we update weekly if not a few times per week. Still it isn’t an excuse, especialy when we don’t have to write some huge blog posting, but just a small, nice thought weekly.

I wonder how other small businesses keep their blog updated? I mean I know that a few of them actually hire PearlyWrites to keep their blogs updated daily so does that mean I need to hire a blogger to keep my own blog updated? Really? I mean if I do this for a living shouldn’t I be able to update my own blog if not daily, but weekly? So I am posing my challenge to myself that I must update the PW blog weekly. Even if it’s about small, subtle items, at least their will be content on the blog as we all know the search engines REALLY like new content and blogging is my number one choice to draw the search engines back to a site organically.

Would love to hear how other self-employed people make sure to update their own blog while maintaining multiple client’s blogs. Feel free to share your words of wisdom as we all get side-tracked and any great ideas would be most helpful. Til next time…

Happy Blogging! :)

Creating an Online Marketing Strategy

Although we began as a freelance writing company turned SEO copywriting which now focuses on developing full online marketing campaigns, it is very important to brainstorm ideas before putting them into action. Whether you have a team you work with or if you are an individual working alone to create a full campaign, we have learned a few tricks which can help you on your way to creating a strong campaign as well as get exposure for your product or service.

1) Decide on how you want to be viewed online. Whether by the Website name, a product name or your individual name. Of course this depends on what you are selling. For example if you are an artist selling original art, most likely you want to create a brand centered around your name.  From your Website domain name to your logo through all the social media networks, this name and brand will be how you stand out from the crowd as well as be recognized from the competition.

2) Decide what type of strategy you want to use in grabbing a visitor’s attention. Do you want your campaign to be focused on “scandal” type headlines or do you want visitors to view your site as a clean, wholesome, family friendly place to visit while online. An example is say you’re a well known pizza chain who wants to target the college scene.

What type of approach would you want to use to grab this particular crowd? We would suggest not only blogging daily but to incorporate social media into your online marketing campaign. Whether on Twitter you give away coupons or free soft drinks to hitting the college crowd on MySpace and Facebook and creating a Fan page where you can post multiple sales for all fans to receive, this is only one idea toward targeting the crowd of your choice.

3) Do you want to target specific locales or target the global population and if so how do you want to approach it? Do you want separate efforts made toward locales as state, cities, basically following the same plan for each but just using targeted keywords and/or sub-domains focused on, for example, West Palm Beach, Florida or generalized areas like Southeast Florida. And then take it one step further to where you not only target a specific locale but then a specific population of consumers ranging from mothers to fathers or singles.

4) Are you a hotel looking to give visitors an option to search points of interests within a certain radius from your hotel like beaches or theme parks? This is another idea when brainstorming for your online marketing campaign. If you are a one building hotel located on the beach in Southeast Florida or a big corporate chain of hotels, mapping out a plan of action for hotel SEO is a highly suggested idea.

5) Free local listing sites is another option. It doesn’t take that long to write up an ad and confirm it. If you have multiple locations and again, looking for local business, listing yourself in the local directory is another easy option.

6) Setting up an analytics program on your Website so you can see where the traffic is coming from as well as measure which online marketing techniques seem to work best for your site is a must! As I repeatly say during our radio show, if you don’t know where your traffic is coming from and don’t know which is converting, then how do you know what techniques are working!

Although you may know many of these techniques, and these are just the beginning, it is always good to remind ourselves that we need a plan of action when approaching an online marketing strategy.Testing and tracking is a must and doing your keyword research of course needs to be incorporated into your strategy decisions.

Nice Ranking Surprises

In the game of online marketing and naturally ranking Websites, I am always a little cautious when it comes to giving a client a guarantee about how quickly their site will rank or if they will rank over their competition in a specific amount of time. In the past few months, we’ve had some really nice suprrises!

SilkWeb Consulting & Development , an e-learning development company based in Arizona, which we coached last year toward getting their Websites and Blogs created SEO friendly has now invested PearlyWrites to complete their monthly Organic SEO campaigns. Traffic has increased and potential leads are coming in from creating custom e-learning course development to purchasing and/or becoming resellers of SilkWeb’s off-the-shelf courses. SilkWeb is moving up in the search engine rankings for their keywords using Social Media Marketing, blogging, article marketing, PR distribution and online ad postings.

Transformational Health, a hydrotherapy colonics service based in Santa Monica and Palos Verdes, California, informed me last week that after a month of using our online marketing services their Website ranked above their competition! Talk about a REALLY nice boost! This client is just an example of updating your Website with the focused keywords and adding in social media marketing to the campaign to create a change in search engine rankings.

Then we have a PearlyWrites experiment…

A month and a half ago I was asked if I would host an Organic SEO radio show on RadioDentata.com. I agreed and the show is called Sensual SEO, airing Wednesday’s at 9pm EST. So on the show we discuss the techniques we use to rank an Adult Website organically through copywriting and online marketing. We decided here at PearlyWrites to put up a blog that will recap our Sensual SEO shows as well focus on Adult online marketing. The new blog is AdultOrganicSEO.com and we are taking all the techniques which we discuss on Sensual SEO and putting it all into place to allow our listeners to follow a brand new domain and blog and observe with us how quickly it can rank in a fairly overloaded niche using straight organic techniques. It has been up for 2.5 weeks so I’ll post updates as we begin to see the results.

Happy Online Marketing! :)

SEO Copywriting: Back to our Roots

In the past year, I have seen more and more Websites, businesses and advertisements for SEO Copywriting. Ironically, PearlyWrites and myself have been providing SEO copywriting since 2003! Back then it wasn’t called SEO copywriting but was known as something called writing for keywords or keyword stuffing. Remember those days???

As PearlyWrites started as a Copywriting Company, providing writing, research and editing services (Get it, “Writing, Research and Beyond…) to all genres and sized businesses, I just wanted to write a blog post getting back to our roots. I guess this came from a older gentleman I met last night at a networking event in Boca Raton, Florida who asked me why I haven’t changed the name of the company if we provide more than Copywriting services. My answer to him was pretty much straight forward, explaining the meaning behind the company and how the company expanded into offering Online Marketing and Design services because that is how our business grew. Also copywriting goes hand in hand with Marketing for print and online so really we never stopped providing writing services.

I am not sure if my answer sufficed him but the truth is we have been PearlyWrites from before the days of keyword stuffing writing and even print marketing writing and then of course we have the meaning behind PearlyWrites. You know the whole middle name of Pearl and starting off as a Freelance Writer.

Though PearlyWrites is a pun for Pearly Whites, we do not provide dental services BUT if a dentist office happens to need online marketing services, we would love to help you! 😉 If you think about all the items needed to market your Website and businesses online, it all includes SEO copywriting. From Press Releases, Articles, Web content, blogging, profile info, product descriptions to just name a few, we provide many and more of these items and will even partner with other SEM and SEO firms who would like to outsource their copywriting needs to PW.

Be well!



PW Relocates to the Sunshine State

If you haven’t heard from PearlyWrites for a week or so, it is because we relocated to Southeast Florida. With a majority of our business up and down the East coast, we made a decision to move our home base to Delray Beach, Florida. We will continue to keep the same phone number and have added a new Southeast Florida number, 954-727-5303.

We are very excited to be able to meet with partners and clients throughout the year in person and will continue providing our virtual online marketing, copywriting and IT services to businesses throughout the world. The Internet is the most amazing tool to connect to multiple locales and to allow us to do business globally is quite awesome!

So if you are in the Southeast Florida area and would like to connect or just talk about social media, drop us a line or give a call! We LOVE talking about Twitter and Facebook! :)

New Arrival: A New Pearl

If you haven’t read on Twitter or Facebook, PearlyWrites has added a new Pearl to our family of Pearls! My husband and I welcomed to the world on Jan. 14, our new baby daughter Mollie Pearl. She is one beautiful little girl and this has been the most incredible experience we could have wished for. As Mollie grows up we can now tell her she is our Pearl and will have to learn how to write. 😉 (Gotta keep the family business going!)

But seriously, Mollie is our first child and we are absolutely in love! She is named after my husband’s grandmother Mollie and my grandmother Pearl, both who passed away in 2007 and were amazing, supportive, loving, independent and smart women. We miss them both very much and had no doubt if we had a daughter we would be naming her after these two incredible women.

Watching her grow and learn in such a little amount of time has been amazing. Welcome to world Mollie Pearl and welcome to the PearlyWrites family! :) You have lots of online love from all your mommy’s Facebook and Twitter connections, it has been an outpouring of love! Thank you and we look forward to sharing even more life changing events with you.

New Year, New Site Design

Happy New Year from PearlyWrites, LLC!

As you can see we have given our site a brand new facelift with sleek, slender design and bows and PEARLS all wrapped up into one nice package. If you have ever seen our print marketing collateral (which isn’t sent out very much), you will now see a fully branded company. Welcome to PearlyWrites, LLC! We have come a long way baby and want to thank everyone who has made it possible to allow PW to continue to grow.

Thank you to my family who has been supportive of me these past few years and my dreams of being an online business woman entrepreneur. My husband who hides behind the scenes of PearlyWrites but is an integral part of our online business, thank you (now get back to work!).

Thank you to friends and business friendships who have been there in support and spirit. The connections we have made have been hugely important this year.

Thank you to Josh Gilmore for branding PearlyWrites, LLC. For clients branding, it comes natural to me, but for my own business, it was a little harder to decide. Josh, thank you!

Thank you to Mitch for joining me in the rubber room. (Um, the secret is out, the rubber room wasn’t as fun as we both thought…)

Thank you to all PearlyWrites’ contractors for a wonderful year and looking forward to even more fun in 2009! Thank you to Josh, Mitch, Nicole, Renee, Andrew, Ralph, Alexis, Robin, Dennis, and David. We’ve all come a long way together and as individuals and I am so fortunate to have connected with you all. You Rock!

Thank you to Basecamp for allowing us to work proficiently as an online marketing company. In that case, thank you to Vonage, Skype and email! Without you, our virtual company would not be possible.

Thank you to Nina Myers who has created SimpleApple.com with me to help self-published writers and Indie Artists get their name and product out on the Web.

AND Thank you to every person I have connected to on Twitter aka Tweeps! Social Media has opened up new doorways in my life and business and I look forward to another wonderful year of making even more connections and Tweeting with you!

Happy New Year! PW is going to ROCK in 2009!

Virtual IT Consulting Offered

PearlyWrites, LLC would like to announce Aaron Pickett as our CTO, Chief Technology Officer. For years Aaron has worked as a hands-on and virtual IT Director for businesses large and small. He managed an over 900+ user banking department in NYC and his troubleshooting techniques are desired by businesses who know their technology issues will be fixed. From any location, Aaron has troubleshooted and fixed multiple problems for clients and continues to be the go-to guy for all technology problems.

Aaron Pickett is a Chief Technology Officer, educator, and trainer. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology field from managing teams and projects of 900 users to training groups on technology programs.

Aaron is the CTO of PearlyWrites, LLC. With over 20 years of experience being a project manager and working at Fortune 500 companies throughout New York City, Aaron has a strong knowledge of how IT (Information Technologies) systems and departments should be implemented and organized properly for maximum profit.

Through his years working at the brokerage firms of Bear Stearns and Jefferies & Co., he learned how to manage large projects with short deadlines in the fast pace environment of New York City.

Areas of Aaron’s expertise include:

  • Network analysis & troubleshooting
  • Server administration
  • Security monitoring & controls implementation
  • Local area networks & gateways
  • Technical procedure writing
  • Backup procedures & disaster recovery
  • Telecommunications hardware programming
  • Problem analysis & troubleshooting
  • Software testing & upgrade
  • Software installation & customization
  • Desktop & end-user support

Our Virtual IT services can be purchased per hour or as a monthly retainer of a specific amount of hours to fit your budget.

If you are looking for technology help or want a virtual IT consultant, PearlyWrites now offers Aaron’s services to you. For more information or to discuss what a Virtual IT consultant can do for your business, please call Aaron at 602-288-8992.