Keeping a Blog Updated

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Since my last post was from June 30, I am not doing a great job keeping the PearlyWrites blog updated. I have been working and focusing on our blog where we update weekly if not a few times per week. Still it isn’t an excuse, especialy when we don’t have to write some huge blog posting, but just a small, nice thought weekly.

I wonder how other small businesses keep their blog updated? I mean I know that a few of them actually hire PearlyWrites to keep their blogs updated daily so does that mean I need to hire a blogger to keep my own blog updated? Really? I mean if I do this for a living shouldn’t I be able to update my own blog if not daily, but weekly? So I am posing my challenge to myself that I must update the PW blog weekly. Even if it’s about small, subtle items, at least their will be content on the blog as we all know the search engines REALLY like new content and blogging is my number one choice to draw the search engines back to a site organically.

Would love to hear how other self-employed people make sure to update their own blog while maintaining multiple client’s blogs. Feel free to share your words of wisdom as we all get side-tracked and any great ideas would be most helpful. Til next time…

Happy Blogging! :)

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