Content Strategy

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Content Strategy
Business Goals, Brand, Audience Assessment & Discovery

A solid search and social media strategy isn’t based on content alone. It’s based on your business and revenue goals, the key value propositions you offer, your target audiences, and what tasks they need to accomplish. We will assess the existing content on your site and recommend strategic areas to invest in.

We provide tools, a framework, and a discovery call to help you get on the right track in assessing your audience and building a long‐term content strategy.  This process will offer guidance to Content Development, SEO, and social media efforts.


Content Audit (1 hour) – $175 per hour

Content Creation + Strategy (1 piece) – $350 – $850

Content Management – TBD

Finding the Target

  • Business Goals – Simple, but effective; we will ask the essential questions that bring your team together around central truths about your business goals.
  • Brand – We will work with your team to define how you want your business to be perceived;
  • Audience Personas – You don’t really want all traffic; you want the right traffic. We will make sure that content, SEO, and promotions are targeted to the right group of individuals;


  • Overview of the process with the group;
  • Interactive discussion to draw out specific, business-centric answers;
  • Analysis of discussion and competitor data to find conversations relevant to the target audience;
  • Keyword & nearby discussion analysis for content development;


Content Development

Every website has a content strategy.  Some are well-defined, and others are just extensions of a brochure or not targeted at all.  Our content development experts will research your business offering and the competitive market to determine what level of content your website needs to engage your audience and gain the necessary SEO signals.

This content development direction will define a publishing workflow for your business. The content will become the vehicle that describes your business offering to the market.  When executed properly the content also becomes the mechanism for other websites to give you attribution.

We will work with your internal staff to generate content that is germane to your product offering and gain attribution.

Editorial Consulting & Content Development

  • Content Publishing Process – Our in-house experts will define the Editorial process, train your team how to create content that attracts inbound attribution from reputable sources; define the schedule and calendar; Voice, and cadence defined;
  • Content Display Modes – Define technical specifications for SEO-friendly display of various content types; integrate business logic and internal data, sharing and embed features where appropriate;
  • Syndication – Work with internal teams to define content that attracts industry media.
  • Analysis of competition to determine the level of content activity
  • Learn how to select the right topics, not just keywords
  • Definition of content types and when to use each
  • Phone meetings and email communication with the internal team
  • Train team on “Content with a Purpose” to maximize each effort



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