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The Story of PearlyWrites.com…

In the late 90’s, PearlyWrites started as an experiment to join and connect freelance writers and editors, around the country, together to bring businesses the best product through collaboration. From this growing network, it developed into a content business where freelancers would contact us for freelance gigs. This was pre-social media. Projects were won through networking and marketing. We even had a Yahoo! Group (remember those?). As Google came on the scene, the importance of being found on the web was now even more important so we made sure our company could be found in the SERP’s so we could continually bring new projects to our now 100+ freelance network who looked to us for work.

With the experience of creating nothing into an online community, in 1997, pre-Google, Lisa learned how search engines worked as she was determined to grow her experiment of connecting others to one another.

Since then, we helped businesses, schools, organizations, and colleges with their curriculum, SEO marketing, and content needs.

PearlyWrites is located in Southeast Florida.



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