New Copy vs Rewrites

The ongoing debate of new copy vs rewrites and what to charge for rewrites seems to come up more often when the economy is at its worst or around tax seaon.

My definition of rewrites has always been to take the already existing copy and reword it with the same tone and style as most clients who want a rewrite, I have found in my experience, just want the same overall feel to say the same thing but just wants the words jumbled around a bit.

My definition of new copy is just that; new copy! Copy which engages the reader, copy which stimulates the reader to click or keep reading more; copy which is strong and interesting.

Due to this ongoing debate which I seem to encounter every few months, we do charge a lower rate for rewrites as when clients explain to us, “Well I just want the copy rewritten and it shouldn’t take you very long.” Is another word for “I am cheap and won’t pay your pricing so let’s call it a rewrite BUT I expect newly written copy.”

Um, yea that doesn’t fly with me. Maybe some writers would just grin and take it but after 10 years of being in this business, I don’t stand for the people who think they are “pulling” one over on the “desperate writer.”

New copy is just that; new, freshly written copy.

Rewrites are taking already existing copy (no matter boring, crappy or whatever) and just reworking it to say the same thing. That is why it is called a rewrite.

When you want new, sparkingly fresh, vibrant copy, then you already know what my answer is…You got to pay for it!

So next time someone asks for a rewrite due to the price, don’t expect amazingly new copy. It’s the policy I have followed for years and no, it won’t change.

Keeping a Blog Updated

Since my last post was from June 30, I am not doing a great job keeping the PearlyWrites blog updated. I have been working and focusing on our blog where we update weekly if not a few times per week. Still it isn’t an excuse, especialy when we don’t have to write some huge blog posting, but just a small, nice thought weekly.

I wonder how other small businesses keep their blog updated? I mean I know that a few of them actually hire PearlyWrites to keep their blogs updated daily so does that mean I need to hire a blogger to keep my own blog updated? Really? I mean if I do this for a living shouldn’t I be able to update my own blog if not daily, but weekly? So I am posing my challenge to myself that I must update the PW blog weekly. Even if it’s about small, subtle items, at least their will be content on the blog as we all know the search engines REALLY like new content and blogging is my number one choice to draw the search engines back to a site organically.

Would love to hear how other self-employed people make sure to update their own blog while maintaining multiple client’s blogs. Feel free to share your words of wisdom as we all get side-tracked and any great ideas would be most helpful. Til next time…

Happy Blogging! :)

SEO Copywriting: Back to our Roots

In the past year, I have seen more and more Websites, businesses and advertisements for SEO Copywriting. Ironically, PearlyWrites and myself have been providing SEO copywriting since 2003! Back then it wasn’t called SEO copywriting but was known as something called writing for keywords or keyword stuffing. Remember those days???

As PearlyWrites started as a Copywriting Company, providing writing, research and editing services (Get it, “Writing, Research and Beyond…) to all genres and sized businesses, I just wanted to write a blog post getting back to our roots. I guess this came from a older gentleman I met last night at a networking event in Boca Raton, Florida who asked me why I haven’t changed the name of the company if we provide more than Copywriting services. My answer to him was pretty much straight forward, explaining the meaning behind the company and how the company expanded into offering Online Marketing and Design services because that is how our business grew. Also copywriting goes hand in hand with Marketing for print and online so really we never stopped providing writing services.

I am not sure if my answer sufficed him but the truth is we have been PearlyWrites from before the days of keyword stuffing writing and even print marketing writing and then of course we have the meaning behind PearlyWrites. You know the whole middle name of Pearl and starting off as a Freelance Writer.

Though PearlyWrites is a pun for Pearly Whites, we do not provide dental services BUT if a dentist office happens to need online marketing services, we would love to help you! 😉 If you think about all the items needed to market your Website and businesses online, it all includes SEO copywriting. From Press Releases, Articles, Web content, blogging, profile info, product descriptions to just name a few, we provide many and more of these items and will even partner with other SEM and SEO firms who would like to outsource their copywriting needs to PW.

Be well!



Copywriting Company

As an Organic SEO and Copywriting Company, we always need to test, track and report our results of our targeted key words and key phrases. Besides continually doing tracking of our clients campaigns and sending reports to them; we treat our own company as if we were a client of PearlyWrites.

Why? Quite simply! If we don’t believe in our own techniques and can’t show you our results then what good of an Organic SEO Company are we? If we aren’t being found in the SERP’s then how do we continually convert inquiries into clients and partners? If we aren’t being found in the search engines, then how do we continually grow our business?

Yes, we focus on local search.

Yes, we focus on global search.

Yes, we focus on niche specific search.

AND our work pays off when we are being found on the first page of Google for the search terms:

Copywriting Company

Besides copywriting, we also provide copyediting, research, e-learning and organic SEO services. Thanks to a WordPress plug in that Aaron (@chamoody) found, we can track our search progress and have our mini-celebrations.

Chosen SEO Copy Provider to Wyndham Hotel Group

With great excitement, PearlyWrites, LLC announces that we are the chosen SEO copy provider to nine (9) Brands of Wyndham Hotel Group. The Brands we will be providing SEO copy and MetaData to include: Wyndham®, Ramada®, Days Inn®, Super 8®, Wingate® by Wyndham, Baymont Inn®, Howard Johnson®, Travelodge®, and Knights Inn®.

We are all very excited at PW and look forward to working with Wyndham Hotel Group to rank organically in the SERP’s!

Organic SEO Case Studies

Being in the business of Organic SEO, the biggest question we receive is, “Do you have any case studies?”

Although I have posted a few throughout the year to our blog, I have decided to document them all right here together. This will not be the long version, but a shorter, more condensed version. This will show the sites which we provide Organic SEO to and how they rank.

Case Study #1PearlyWrites
Since we advertise that we offer organic SEO services, I always run a few tests to see if we are ranking for the keywords we are targeting. I’m happy to say for the search term: Virtual Copywriting Company, we are listed as 1 on Google with a few other terms!

Virtual Copywriting Company

Virtual Marketing Company

Virtual SEO Company

Organic SEO Company

Organic SEO Arizona

And if you keep scrolling down, you will see some other listings which also involve PearlyWrites.

Case Study #2PB Vixen
Ranked 1st and 2nd page on Google within 3 months:

Adult Copywriting

Adult Organic SEO

Case Study #3DayMaid Inc.
Ranked on 1st page:

Northern NJ Housecleaning

ParkRidge NJ Housecleaning

Case Study #4AMC
Ranked on page 1 in less than 2 months:
Adult Copywriting

Case Study #5SilkWeb Consulting
In less than 3 weeks, ranking on page 1!
Web based career coach

So with a few case studies now posted, why is organic SEO so important? It has to be done consistently otherwise your rankings will eventually drop. Through blog postings, updating of content and the other techniques of Organic SEO, let’s help get your site rank organically in the SERP’s!

It’s Friday Already?

Can you believe it’s Friday already?

I can’t!

It’s been an amazing week between coming back from Si‘s AdWords workshop and learning more about online marketing and copywriting projects, wow!

A few copywriting projects in the works with my friend Ralph Greco Jr. which is surprisingly to us, working out better than we planned.

Started a PearlyWrites newsletter as well as a implenting a few online marketing campaign ideas that I learned and one of the articles on IT Drive, co-authored with Mitch Strohm, had a decent amount of traffic and comments which was a very cool thing to see. OK, it TOTALLY ROCKED!!!

Happy Friday to everyone and keep the words coming…

AdWords Workshop Rocked!!!

This weekend I attended Simon Leung’s AdWords workshop in San Jose, Cali and it ROCKED! Simon Rocked and all the guest speakers were awesome!

Matt, Kevin, Rod, Johnnie, Huey Lee, Mark Widawer, Leo, Coach Deb, John Guanzon, Tracy Repchuk, Alejandro, The Twins; everyone rocked!

I presented about “How Optimized Copy Can Help Your Website,” and I felt it went alright. Of course when I was finished, all the things I had planned to speak about during the presentation came back to me but for my first time presenting at a workshop, I did a decent job.

For the one’s who know me from the classroom, you know I gave out candy for correct answers. I wasn’t allowed to throw it around to the participants, so I did a tamer alternatively and passed the bag around the room. I never leave home without candy!

I met some amazing Internet Marketers and they were real life people! Who knew??? John was awesome and spent a lot of time with me running through the basics of Internet Marketing and even let me watch how he develops a landing page. He shared with me ideas of how to get started and I can’t wait to begin this week on my first project to see if I can get it up and running.

On a personal note, I brought dresses to wear for the weekend and ended up being extremely cold the entire time. I guess not being in cooler weather for a few years did thin my blood because I never thought 50-60 degrees would literally make me shiver and it did. I only brought a few things to wear and kept layering them each day. I felt like I looked like a bag lady! So unprofessional but it is a lesson I learned for future travels.

The entire weekend and experience was amazing and I would like to thank Si for accepting me as an apprentice AND letting me present at his AdWords workshop. Si, you are a wonderful Mentor and a great person.

P.S. Pictures will be posted soon

NYT SEO Article

I just received exciting news that one of my clients, a software development company, was interviewed by the New York Times. The interview will appear in the paper and online the last week of September.

Now for even more exciting news! My client, who is very cool, asked if I could write an article that the hard link from the New York Times interview will be directed to. He felt rather than sending interested parties directly to his home page, having the traffic go to another page with more information about the topic would be ideal.

So the article I wrote will be linked to my client’s NYT interview!!! OK, it’s not an article in the NYT but at least its close…

10,000 Page Views!

In this world we call the Internet, does 10,000 page views mean anything? As of last night, the new PearlyWrites Website received 10,195 page views for the month of August. If I am not getting the conversion to new clients, then what do page views do for my business?

With all of the page views, does it mean I will see my page ranking increase?

PearlyWrites is now a virtual marketing and copywriting company. This means we work with clients everywhere in the world, not just locally to promote their business offline and online but everywhere! We still offer copywriting services of course!

So what does 10,000 page views do for business in the overall picture?