AdWords Workshop Rocked!!!

This weekend I attended Simon Leung’s AdWords workshop in San Jose, Cali and it ROCKED! Simon Rocked and all the guest speakers were awesome!

Matt, Kevin, Rod, Johnnie, Huey Lee, Mark Widawer, Leo, Coach Deb, John Guanzon, Tracy Repchuk, Alejandro, The Twins; everyone rocked!

I presented about “How Optimized Copy Can Help Your Website,” and I felt it went alright. Of course when I was finished, all the things I had planned to speak about during the presentation came back to me but for my first time presenting at a workshop, I did a decent job.

For the one’s who know me from the classroom, you know I gave out candy for correct answers. I wasn’t allowed to throw it around to the participants, so I did a tamer alternatively and passed the bag around the room. I never leave home without candy!

I met some amazing Internet Marketers and they were real life people! Who knew??? John was awesome and spent a lot of time with me running through the basics of Internet Marketing and even let me watch how he develops a landing page. He shared with me ideas of how to get started and I can’t wait to begin this week on my first project to see if I can get it up and running.

On a personal note, I brought dresses to wear for the weekend and ended up being extremely cold the entire time. I guess not being in cooler weather for a few years did thin my blood because I never thought 50-60 degrees would literally make me shiver and it did. I only brought a few things to wear and kept layering them each day. I felt like I looked like a bag lady! So unprofessional but it is a lesson I learned for future travels.

The entire weekend and experience was amazing and I would like to thank Si for accepting me as an apprentice AND letting me present at his AdWords workshop. Si, you are a wonderful Mentor and a great person.

P.S. Pictures will be posted soon

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