Organic SEO Case Studies

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Being in the business of Organic SEO, the biggest question we receive is, “Do you have any case studies?”

Although I have posted a few throughout the year to our blog, I have decided to document them all right here together. This will not be the long version, but a shorter, more condensed version. This will show the sites which we provide Organic SEO to and how they rank.

Case Study #1PearlyWrites
Since we advertise that we offer organic SEO services, I always run a few tests to see if we are ranking for the keywords we are targeting. I’m happy to say for the search term: Virtual Copywriting Company, we are listed as 1 on Google with a few other terms!

Virtual Copywriting Company

Virtual Marketing Company

Virtual SEO Company

Organic SEO Company

Organic SEO Arizona

And if you keep scrolling down, you will see some other listings which also involve PearlyWrites.

Case Study #2PB Vixen
Ranked 1st and 2nd page on Google within 3 months:

Adult Copywriting

Adult Organic SEO

Case Study #3DayMaid Inc.
Ranked on 1st page:

Northern NJ Housecleaning

ParkRidge NJ Housecleaning

Case Study #4AMC
Ranked on page 1 in less than 2 months:
Adult Copywriting

Case Study #5SilkWeb Consulting
In less than 3 weeks, ranking on page 1!
Web based career coach

So with a few case studies now posted, why is organic SEO so important? It has to be done consistently otherwise your rankings will eventually drop. Through blog postings, updating of content and the other techniques of Organic SEO, let’s help get your site rank organically in the SERP’s!

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