SEO Copywriting: Back to our Roots

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In the past year, I have seen more and more Websites, businesses and advertisements for SEO Copywriting. Ironically, PearlyWrites and myself have been providing SEO copywriting since 2003! Back then it wasn’t called SEO copywriting but was known as something called writing for keywords or keyword stuffing. Remember those days???

As PearlyWrites started as a Copywriting Company, providing writing, research and editing services (Get it, “Writing, Research and Beyond…) to all genres and sized businesses, I just wanted to write a blog post getting back to our roots. I guess this came from a older gentleman I met last night at a networking event in Boca Raton, Florida who asked me why I haven’t changed the name of the company if we provide more than Copywriting services. My answer to him was pretty much straight forward, explaining the meaning behind the company and how the company expanded into offering Online Marketing and Design services because that is how our business grew. Also copywriting goes hand in hand with Marketing for print and online so really we never stopped providing writing services.

I am not sure if my answer sufficed him but the truth is we have been PearlyWrites from before the days of keyword stuffing writing and even print marketing writing and then of course we have the meaning behind PearlyWrites. You know the whole middle name of Pearl and starting off as a Freelance Writer.

Though PearlyWrites is a pun for Pearly Whites, we do not provide dental services BUT if a dentist office happens to need online marketing services, we would love to help you! 😉 If you think about all the items needed to market your Website and businesses online, it all includes SEO copywriting. From Press Releases, Articles, Web content, blogging, profile info, product descriptions to just name a few, we provide many and more of these items and will even partner with other SEM and SEO firms who would like to outsource their copywriting needs to PW.

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