Nice Ranking Surprises

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In the game of online marketing and naturally ranking Websites, I am always a little cautious when it comes to giving a client a guarantee about how quickly their site will rank or if they will rank over their competition in a specific amount of time. In the past few months, we’ve had some really nice suprrises!

SilkWeb Consulting & Development , an e-learning development company based in Arizona, which we coached last year toward getting their Websites and Blogs created SEO friendly has now invested PearlyWrites to complete their monthly Organic SEO campaigns. Traffic has increased and potential leads are coming in from creating custom e-learning course development to purchasing and/or becoming resellers of SilkWeb’s off-the-shelf courses. SilkWeb is moving up in the search engine rankings for their keywords using Social Media Marketing, blogging, article marketing, PR distribution and online ad postings.

Transformational Health, a hydrotherapy colonics service based in Santa Monica and Palos Verdes, California, informed me last week that after a month of using our online marketing services their Website ranked above their competition! Talk about a REALLY nice boost! This client is just an example of updating your Website with the focused keywords and adding in social media marketing to the campaign to create a change in search engine rankings.

Then we have a PearlyWrites experiment…

A month and a half ago I was asked if I would host an Organic SEO radio show on I agreed and the show is called Sensual SEO, airing Wednesday’s at 9pm EST. So on the show we discuss the techniques we use to rank an Adult Website organically through copywriting and online marketing. We decided here at PearlyWrites to put up a blog that will recap our Sensual SEO shows as well focus on Adult online marketing. The new blog is and we are taking all the techniques which we discuss on Sensual SEO and putting it all into place to allow our listeners to follow a brand new domain and blog and observe with us how quickly it can rank in a fairly overloaded niche using straight organic techniques. It has been up for 2.5 weeks so I’ll post updates as we begin to see the results.

Happy Online Marketing! :)

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