PW Relocates to the Sunshine State

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If you haven’t heard from PearlyWrites for a week or so, it is because we relocated to Southeast Florida. With a majority of our business up and down the East coast, we made a decision to move our home base to Delray Beach, Florida. We will continue to keep the same phone number and have added a new Southeast Florida number, 954-727-5303.

We are very excited to be able to meet with partners and clients throughout the year in person and will continue providing our virtual online marketing, copywriting and IT services to businesses throughout the world. The Internet is the most amazing tool to connect to multiple locales and to allow us to do business globally is quite awesome!

So if you are in the Southeast Florida area and would like to connect or just talk about social media, drop us a line or give a call! We LOVE talking about Twitter and Facebook! :)

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