New Arrival: A New Pearl

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If you haven’t read on Twitter or Facebook, PearlyWrites has added a new Pearl to our family of Pearls! My husband and I welcomed to the world on Jan. 14, our new baby daughter Mollie Pearl. She is one beautiful little girl and this has been the most incredible experience we could have wished for. As Mollie grows up we can now tell her she is our Pearl and will have to learn how to write. 😉 (Gotta keep the family business going!)

But seriously, Mollie is our first child and we are absolutely in love! She is named after my husband’s grandmother Mollie and my grandmother Pearl, both who passed away in 2007 and were amazing, supportive, loving, independent and smart women. We miss them both very much and had no doubt if we had a daughter we would be naming her after these two incredible women.

Watching her grow and learn in such a little amount of time has been amazing. Welcome to world Mollie Pearl and welcome to the PearlyWrites family! :) You have lots of online love from all your mommy’s Facebook and Twitter connections, it has been an outpouring of love! Thank you and we look forward to sharing even more life changing events with you.

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