PW Relocates to the Sunshine State

If you haven’t heard from PearlyWrites for a week or so, it is because we relocated to Southeast Florida. With a majority of our business up and down the East coast, we made a decision to move our home base to Delray Beach, Florida. We will continue to keep the same phone number and have added a new Southeast Florida number, 954-727-5303.

We are very excited to be able to meet with partners and clients throughout the year in person and will continue providing our virtual online marketing, copywriting and IT services to businesses throughout the world. The Internet is the most amazing tool to connect to multiple locales and to allow us to do business globally is quite awesome!

So if you are in the Southeast Florida area and would like to connect or just talk about social media, drop us a line or give a call! We LOVE talking about Twitter and Facebook! :)

New Arrival: A New Pearl

If you haven’t read on Twitter or Facebook, PearlyWrites has added a new Pearl to our family of Pearls! My husband and I welcomed to the world on Jan. 14, our new baby daughter Mollie Pearl. She is one beautiful little girl and this has been the most incredible experience we could have wished for. As Mollie grows up we can now tell her she is our Pearl and will have to learn how to write. 😉 (Gotta keep the family business going!)

But seriously, Mollie is our first child and we are absolutely in love! She is named after my husband’s grandmother Mollie and my grandmother Pearl, both who passed away in 2007 and were amazing, supportive, loving, independent and smart women. We miss them both very much and had no doubt if we had a daughter we would be naming her after these two incredible women.

Watching her grow and learn in such a little amount of time has been amazing. Welcome to world Mollie Pearl and welcome to the PearlyWrites family! :) You have lots of online love from all your mommy’s Facebook and Twitter connections, it has been an outpouring of love! Thank you and we look forward to sharing even more life changing events with you.

New Year, New Site Design

Happy New Year from PearlyWrites, LLC!

As you can see we have given our site a brand new facelift with sleek, slender design and bows and PEARLS all wrapped up into one nice package. If you have ever seen our print marketing collateral (which isn’t sent out very much), you will now see a fully branded company. Welcome to PearlyWrites, LLC! We have come a long way baby and want to thank everyone who has made it possible to allow PW to continue to grow.

Thank you to my family who has been supportive of me these past few years and my dreams of being an online business woman entrepreneur. My husband who hides behind the scenes of PearlyWrites but is an integral part of our online business, thank you (now get back to work!).

Thank you to friends and business friendships who have been there in support and spirit. The connections we have made have been hugely important this year.

Thank you to Josh Gilmore for branding PearlyWrites, LLC. For clients branding, it comes natural to me, but for my own business, it was a little harder to decide. Josh, thank you!

Thank you to Mitch for joining me in the rubber room. (Um, the secret is out, the rubber room wasn’t as fun as we both thought…)

Thank you to all PearlyWrites’ contractors for a wonderful year and looking forward to even more fun in 2009! Thank you to Josh, Mitch, Nicole, Renee, Andrew, Ralph, Alexis, Robin, Dennis, and David. We’ve all come a long way together and as individuals and I am so fortunate to have connected with you all. You Rock!

Thank you to Basecamp for allowing us to work proficiently as an online marketing company. In that case, thank you to Vonage, Skype and email! Without you, our virtual company would not be possible.

Thank you to Nina Myers who has created with me to help self-published writers and Indie Artists get their name and product out on the Web.

AND Thank you to every person I have connected to on Twitter aka Tweeps! Social Media has opened up new doorways in my life and business and I look forward to another wonderful year of making even more connections and Tweeting with you!

Happy New Year! PW is going to ROCK in 2009!

Virtual IT Consulting Offered

PearlyWrites, LLC would like to announce Aaron Pickett as our CTO, Chief Technology Officer. For years Aaron has worked as a hands-on and virtual IT Director for businesses large and small. He managed an over 900+ user banking department in NYC and his troubleshooting techniques are desired by businesses who know their technology issues will be fixed. From any location, Aaron has troubleshooted and fixed multiple problems for clients and continues to be the go-to guy for all technology problems.

Aaron Pickett is a Chief Technology Officer, educator, and trainer. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology field from managing teams and projects of 900 users to training groups on technology programs.

Aaron is the CTO of PearlyWrites, LLC. With over 20 years of experience being a project manager and working at Fortune 500 companies throughout New York City, Aaron has a strong knowledge of how IT (Information Technologies) systems and departments should be implemented and organized properly for maximum profit.

Through his years working at the brokerage firms of Bear Stearns and Jefferies & Co., he learned how to manage large projects with short deadlines in the fast pace environment of New York City.

Areas of Aaron’s expertise include:

  • Network analysis & troubleshooting
  • Server administration
  • Security monitoring & controls implementation
  • Local area networks & gateways
  • Technical procedure writing
  • Backup procedures & disaster recovery
  • Telecommunications hardware programming
  • Problem analysis & troubleshooting
  • Software testing & upgrade
  • Software installation & customization
  • Desktop & end-user support

Our Virtual IT services can be purchased per hour or as a monthly retainer of a specific amount of hours to fit your budget.

If you are looking for technology help or want a virtual IT consultant, PearlyWrites now offers Aaron’s services to you. For more information or to discuss what a Virtual IT consultant can do for your business, please call Aaron at 602-288-8992.

Simple Apple

With great excitement, I like to tell you about a pre-launch of Simple Apple. Simple Apple is a new site where myself, Lisa and Nina Myers of The Best Apple will be offering Web/Blog design services and online marketing services including coaching and support to self-published writers, authors, and Indie artists.

An ongoing joke with a few of PearlyWrites’ contractors is “Lisa supports the Indie community.” My ultimate goal is to be able to sponsor a few of our contractors who are amazing rock bands bands like 20 Minutes to Park. Now writers who need help marketing their book or e-book can contact the Simple Apple or an Indie artist needing help marketing their product. We are here to help!

A little know fact about me is I was once a musician, singer and a dancer. Before starting PearlyWrites, I was very involved in the arts. I own a Ebony Baby Grand Piano, I privately taught over 150 children to sing Hebrew and it is time to get back to my roots and help others in the art community. Collaborating with Nina has been an on going discussion and we are happy to say Simple Apple will be officially launching in the new year.

Simple Apple, Simple Solutions

Happy New Year!

Holiday Special: Organic SEO

The holidays are underway and we want to offer every marketer and online business our holiday special. If you sign up by December 25th, you will be able to take advantage of our holiday special and stay with this Organic SEO package for 6 months up to 18 months without a price increase! Happy Holidays from PearlyWrites!

Holiday Special!!!

15 Blog Postings
4 Articles w/Submission
1 Press Release w/ distribution
SMM(Social Media Marketing) Coaching
Total: $1,650 per month