Simple Apple

With great excitement, I like to tell you about a pre-launch of Simple Apple. Simple Apple is a new site where myself, Lisa and Nina Myers of The Best Apple will be offering Web/Blog design services and online marketing services including coaching and support to self-published writers, authors, and Indie artists.

An ongoing joke with a few of PearlyWrites’ contractors is “Lisa supports the Indie community.” My ultimate goal is to be able to sponsor a few of our contractors who are amazing rock bands bands like 20 Minutes to Park. Now writers who need help marketing their book or e-book can contact the Simple Apple or an Indie artist needing help marketing their product. We are here to help!

A little know fact about me is I was once a musician, singer and a dancer. Before starting PearlyWrites, I was very involved in the arts. I own a Ebony Baby Grand Piano, I privately taught over 150 children to sing Hebrew and it is time to get back to my roots and help others in the art community. Collaborating with Nina has been an on going discussion and we are happy to say Simple Apple will be officially launching in the new year.

Simple Apple, Simple Solutions

Happy New Year!

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