Virtual IT Consulting Offered

PearlyWrites, LLC would like to announce Aaron Pickett as our CTO, Chief Technology Officer. For years Aaron has worked as a hands-on and virtual IT Director for businesses large and small. He managed an over 900+ user banking department in NYC and his troubleshooting techniques are desired by businesses who know their technology issues will be fixed. From any location, Aaron has troubleshooted and fixed multiple problems for clients and continues to be the go-to guy for all technology problems.

Aaron Pickett is a Chief Technology Officer, educator, and trainer. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology field from managing teams and projects of 900 users to training groups on technology programs.

Aaron is the CTO of PearlyWrites, LLC. With over 20 years of experience being a project manager and working at Fortune 500 companies throughout New York City, Aaron has a strong knowledge of how IT (Information Technologies) systems and departments should be implemented and organized properly for maximum profit.

Through his years working at the brokerage firms of Bear Stearns and Jefferies & Co., he learned how to manage large projects with short deadlines in the fast pace environment of New York City.

Areas of Aaron’s expertise include:

  • Network analysis & troubleshooting
  • Server administration
  • Security monitoring & controls implementation
  • Local area networks & gateways
  • Technical procedure writing
  • Backup procedures & disaster recovery
  • Telecommunications hardware programming
  • Problem analysis & troubleshooting
  • Software testing & upgrade
  • Software installation & customization
  • Desktop & end-user support

Our Virtual IT services can be purchased per hour or as a monthly retainer of a specific amount of hours to fit your budget.

If you are looking for technology help or want a virtual IT consultant, PearlyWrites now offers Aaron’s services to you. For more information or to discuss what a Virtual IT consultant can do for your business, please call Aaron at 602-288-8992.

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