Social Media Strategy & Content Promotion

In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Not only can social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube drive significant traffic to your website, but they also play a role in Google’s search algorithm. Additionally, many customers are more likely to discover a business through a referral from a friend on social media than by asking directly.

A strong social media strategy is key to driving customer interaction and engagement. This includes conducting a strategy audit, reviewing your competition, and executing a plan for monthly promotion activities.

Content promotion is also an important aspect of social media marketing. While creating high-quality content is the first step, it’s just as important to extend the lifespan of that content and gain social signals to boost your brand’s authority. This can be achieved through training your team on best practices for promoting content and becoming a content syndicator, as well as leveraging influencers and promoting your content in meaningful ways.

By following best practices and integrating promotion efforts into your content publishing activities, you can effectively use social media to drive PR opportunities and increase brand awareness.



The 3 C’s of Social Media

3 C's of Social Media

Abide by the “3 Cs” when it comes to social media.

Conversation, Community, and Curation are the “3 Cs” of social media. Everything is based from the main “C” which stands for Content development with a purpose. Since the cannabis industry cannot pay for digital media, all traffic comes through organic marketing. A lot of our traffic and brand recognition is due to the 3 C’s.


Think before you speak is a saying heard many times from educators to their students. The same rule applies for online conversations. Don’t post or send a message without reading through what you are writing. Consider your audience and PLEASE don’t use the word “should.”  Pose questions and gather input. Thank your responders and just be genuine. Fakeness can be seen quickly through words and online conversations.

  • Create your own platform to speak to your target audience. For example, if you want to discuss personal finance for cannabis, now you can here. Before I created a sub-reddit, I participated and still participate in other sub-reddits but felt it was time to launch our own.
  • Comment on posts and genuinely show interest in points made by blogger and comment as early as possible on the post; provide some insight or offer another angle.
  • Pose questions and find specific problems, tasks or goals associated with our audience. Pose them as questions on influencer’s social media post or blog.
  • Share your content within a comment or in response on a Facebook or Instagram post, offer a link to content that answers someone else’s concern.
  • Respond to existing conversations and jump into a comment thread on a blog, reply to a Twitter conversation, LinkedIn postings or just Like or Heart some good sentiments.


Besides the typical social media networks, look for niche sites or forums. Reddit has grown into a great place to connect to individuals and companies who want to discuss specific topics. A connection in my network made this suggestion for and it has been one of the greatest suggestions. We have been accepted into a few of the marijuana forums and everyone is willing to help us with our editorial.

  • Leverage influencers and followers to create events, Tweet chats, Facebook Live events, Instagram stories, AMAs, and Google Hang-Outs.
    • Coordinate with in-house experts and selected influencers.
    • Leverage influencers with greater footprint than you.
    • Format with specific questions that can be used in articles or videos afterward.
    • Record the event.
  • Use email newsletter distribution to internal contacts and your network.
    • Once you have 50-100 relationships, consider offering a newsletter.
  • Attend events and conferences to reinforce relationships.
    • Create a reason and strategy for this information that provides value.
    • Shake hands, get a coffee, and interact.
  • Use prize driven contests and hashtag creation.
    • Leverage “sweepers” to gain attention to your topic.

Content Curation

  • Read and research authority websites, blogs, publications, associations for high-quality content. Post or tweet with a point from the content. Possibly use a question to create engagement. Use:
    • Partner content
    • Influencer content
    • Industry associations
  • Share this content on proper networks, based on topic and target audience.
  • Change message “marketing copy” to connect with your audience.
  • Curate from past contributors to create notifications to current followers. This keeps your activity always current and relevant.
What else can you add that begins with a “C” when managing social media?

Using Social Media Data to Find Authority Influencers

Source: Marketwire


In my many years of working in the field of Search and Social, the cool thing is our approach has always been focused on creating strategies all centered around research and data. (Check the tag line…)

Research could range from search engine rankings, analytics, content auditing, analyzing the competition, to the actual data research for the development of the content piece.

Prior to writing any content, we always research the targets, the competitors and ranking, the available data sources (free & paid), the authority influencers who can either be a contributor in our content piece OR would be interested in reading the content itself. From there, then we begin reviewing the topics and content types which the competition holds a strong placement for. And finally, once we gather all our background research, is when we decide on the content type we plan to create.

There has been many times we have gotten halfway through our process where we decided it wasn’t worth continuing if we couldn’t offer the user something of substance. If the information wasn’t totally different than what any other site was publishing in our space, I have made the decision to “Stop the Presses!”


Because when we develop content, we develop content with a purpose. If we don’t hit one to three of our goals, then the content didn’t perform the way we intended it to. When we don’t hit the goal, as a team we examine and analyze what went wrong and take a note so we don’t repeat.

Part of our SEO and content development process is using social media to find authority influencers.

What exactly is an authority influencer (AI)?

Of course the first thing that enters the mind is a celebrity, but the reality is how many people can interview or be in direct contact with a celebrity. So for the regular person who doesn’t have the connections to get a Kardashian’s phone number, where do we turn? Social Media has opened a path to connect with others throughout the world but mining through all the profiles on all the multiple networks can slow down the content creation and promotion process, hence slowing down the influencer courtship.

One suggestion, which we have used is to create a criteria that your influencers must meet. Whether they have over 10,000 followers, converse about a topic a few times a day, has a strong community within their own website niche; these are just a few ideas prior to spending your time researching for your AIs.

This week, I will be presenting at NCDM 2012 Orlando about this very topic with a colleague where we will share more details about the criteria we use when using social media data to find influencers. Incorporating Search, Social and Content Development data is all part of the strategy we created and continue to use as well as internal proprietary tools. Let’s connect!

Follow Lisa on Twitter. Connect with Lisa Weinberger on Google+.


There has been a lot of talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing). The talk has been going on for a few years but working in my new job, I find it quite amusing when people think they understand what SEO is as well as SMM. Throw out a few words which you think you understand and keep repeating them but honestly, that doesn’t help the fact that SEO or SMM are real items and driving forces in business revenue today.

Placing keywords into content is SEO. Yes. BUT that is not the only SEO strategy, there is so much more to organic SEO than this.

SMM is chatting on Twitter and Facebook and posting links. No, eerrr wrong! It’s about engagement, connecting and having a conversation with people, not talking at them.

To continue on my quest to get people to understand about these two ways of online marketing, I will continually create real life scenarios and for some reason love using the word puzzle. As the conversation begins, I already know and get excited that I will be able to use my favorite puzzle analogy! For those who understand SEO understand why a puzzle analogy works so well.

When wanting to hit each outlet and grab the most from your SEO efforts, each piece of the puzzle needs to be in place. If not, then you will not see the results you want. SEO takes time and many people think, Poof! I did it now where’s my money!?!

Social Media Marketing also takes time. To create a following, to get the visitor to trust you, everything takes time. If it was that easy then don’t you think everyone would be engaging each other? Throwing links out into the Twitter feed doesn’t engage anyone but yourself…maybe. (I mean some people do talk to themselves, I don’t know, just sayin…)

In the perfect world, both SEO and SMM would work simultaneously but we don’t live in a perfect world. Some people feel they get more business through SEO, others SMM and some feel both work. I have experienced both for my business where SEO has worked well and for many years SMM worked amazing. What I found was it didn’t make a difference which I focused on, just that both strategies needed to be worked on a daily basis. Once you stop, so does your inquiries and engagement.

Assumptions and Social Media

I am all for social media obviously but when connecting to old “friends” through Facebook, why do the assumptions begin? Many have not been in face to face or phone to phone contact in over 14 years and they assume and act as if they still know you.

They speak aka type toward you versus speaking to have a nice conversation and learning about what you do, your life, and your family. Is that what connecting is to old friends and acquaintances mean in social media? Live in the past and assume you know the person without even taking into consideration the past 15 years of their life? Even the past 5 years or 1 year of an individual’s life!
Seriously, there are many people’s life’s who have not changed either because they do not like change, are content where they are socially and financially, or don’t see a reason to venture out into unfamiliar territory. BUT just because these “old friends” aren’t does not mean you have the right to assume my life and my inner being hasn’t changed.

All you need to do is type in my name or our company name into a search engine and you WILL see how my life has changed for the better. You will see what doors have been opened as well as the person I have become.

When being involved in Social Media, there are certain items we choose to share and put out into the public view and other parts of our lives we don’t. Some social media dominators do share every item with their followers while others keep a low profile. Social Media plays a strong part of any SEO/SEM campaign and acceptance and open mindedness is suggested.

Has social media caused assumptions in your world from your “BI” (Before Internet) life?

Do you only share parts of your life while keeping other parts out of the public social media eye?

How do you handle the assuming people of your past life?

Photo Shoot Celebration

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50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media

While taking a break from Organic SEO and writing content for a few new e-learning courses today, I hopped on Twitter (AbFab micro-blogging tool!) to read Ron Hudson’s posting about the 50 most powerful and influential women in social media.

I always love supporting the women in social media because they are Rockin’ it and was going to comment on how wonderful everyone on the list is. Now this may be embarrassing but I was not expecting to see my name and there it was!

#36 Lisa Weinberger! I am so excited and honored to be on the list!

Social Media is very important and whenever I meet online business owners in person, I continually “preach” to them that they MUST start getting involved in Social Media and they just laugh at me. They can continue to laugh and make negative comments but WAKE UP! We are living in a virtual world of the Internet. The days of the door to door salesman is slowly coming to an end and practically over.

Do you really think just sending out an email or having a Website will “connect” you to potential clients?

Do you think never actually making a connection will sell your product or service?

Do you think Cold Calling without prior connection and bullying into purchasing makes you an ethical business person?

PearlyWrites is a huge promoter and supporter of Social Media. We LOVE to connect to people online and offline. Its amazing to connect with friends, followers and potential clients online and then meet face to face offline and there is such a wonderful level of comfort as if you have known one another for years!

Develop the trust, respect and communication through Social Media and you will continue to learn and be pleased with all your relationships.

Tweeps, Make it a Great Day! @PearlyWrites :)

Online Marketing Interns in Demand!

Online Marketing and SEO is now a department in large corporations but the only way to get the jobs is to have the experience. PearlyWrites, LLC wants to GIVE you that experience!

Phoenix, Arizona – PearlyWrites, LLC is currently seeking interns for a variety of different positions in the online marketing field. Interns are needed to fill positions in online marketing, SEO writing, SEO editing, graphic design, Web design, e-commerce, and sales. The ideal candidate will have a 2.5 GPA or higher and have interest and academic preparation in one of the areas noted above.

Since PearlyWrites is a virtual company, all positions are virtual, allowing interns the opportunity to work from their homes through our virtual office. Interns have the flexibility of working between 2 and 12 hours per week depending on their individual schedule. Internet, Instant Messaging, Phone and E-Mail is a requirement.

The online marketing field is an aggressive job market where corporations are looking for experienced individuals to fill high-level and important positions. This is an excellent opportunity to develop skills and knowledge as well as be mentored by one of the first female’s to enter the online market back when no one knew who Google was. This opportunity will also afford candidates the unique chance to work with a company who is ahead of the Organic SEO trend and learn about online marketing techniques and natural strategies to get Websites ranked in search engines organically.

Some positions are paid and all successful interns will receive a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of the internship. We will be offering to our interns, for free, our $200 SEO online courses.

Please email resumes to Include “internship” in the subject line. Learn more about our company by visiting us on the web –

About PearlyWrites, LLC Since 1996, PearlyWrites, LLC has provided marketing and branding services to all sized businesses for their print and online campaigns. They are a virtual copywriting and organic SEO marketing company providing services to the mainstream and adult industries, while always supporting a Green environment. Their independent contractors are located throughout the United States and Canada and available through all new media outlets which allows for quick availability using all technology for consultations and meetings. Organic SEO is recommended for all businesses with a Website to continue brand marketing.

PearlyWrites is the chosen Organic SEO provider to the Wyndham Hotel Group which includes the Brands of Ramada®, Days Inn®, Super 8®, Wingate® by Wyndham, Baymont Inn®, Howard Johnson®, Travelodge®, and Knights Inn®. They have provided E-Learning course development to PBS, Annenberg Media, National Academy Foundation, SilkWeb Consulting and Laurel Publishing.

Twitter Rocks!

Seriously, have you tried Twitter yet? I urge you to come join the Tweets and make Tweeps as it totally rocks!

I was “tweetting” with Armando Montelongo from “Flip This House” the other night and it was very awesome! I connected with people I have met at Internet Marketing workshops and twitting everyday with like CoachDeb, Alejandro “Successfool”, and have connected with great Tweeps from Phoenix like Chuck Reynolds and Tyson Crosbie.

Yes, I have become a Twitterholic but it’s such a great new media outlet! It’s time you tried Twitter.

Come join us on Twitter and connect with new Tweeps globally!