Data Driven Content Attract Readers

Doing an evaluation of your site content every few months allows for growth and opportunities.

Ask yourself or team a few questions to get the discussion started:

  • Does your content attract readers?
  • Are the readers the type of traffic you want to attract to your website?
  • Which content type brings in the most engagement?

Just like how teachers are taught to create lessons using Bloom’s Taxonomy, which attempts to hit all learners: the auditory, tactical or visual learner; the same approach should be used when creating content. There are a variety of users visiting your website and the population demographic may not just be in your city or even country!

Bloom’s Taxonomy
Source: @jepilgreenss

Data used in content doesn’t just have to be written. Try a few different approaches with the data you collect.

Example: The site is a provider of gluten-free products and considered an authority source of information about Celiac Disease and living with gluten intolerance. After reviewing the site analytics your team sees that traffic is strongest on Monday and Tuesday between the hours of 9:00am EST and 12:00pm EST. It shows traffic coming directly from search the first hour and then from the social promotion campaigns. Twitter is driving the most eyes so with all this information, the first indication is to create a piece of content for Monday morning which is focused on what your site is known for which is gluten free information.

Next steps:

  • See where your site is positioned to make sure you do not create content which either your site already has ranking for or that a competitor already has strong placements.
  • Research to find any new studies that were published in the past 6 months to a year where your team can use the data; but not use all the information from just one study but research 2 or 3 studies and decide on the unique attributes to overlay and present.
  • Places to research for data could be the Journal of Medicine, Newswise or the Department of Health.
  • In reality, you are creating your own survey to continue being the authority source on the subject.

What brings readers to your site and share with others are unique data points.

Once these data points are decided, then the content type brainstorming sessions can begin. This is where the fun begins. Since the analytics indicated the high traffic days and times, consider creating a few pieces of content, presenting different data points in a variety of ways, to publish on the different days between the hours when eyes are on your site.

Be creative and optimize for all uses…Happy Publishing!

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