50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media

While taking a break from Organic SEO and writing content for a few new e-learning courses today, I hopped on Twitter (AbFab micro-blogging tool!) to read Ron Hudson’s posting about the 50 most powerful and influential women in social media.

I always love supporting the women in social media because they are Rockin’ it and was going to comment on how wonderful everyone on the list is. Now this may be embarrassing but I was not expecting to see my name and there it was!

#36 Lisa Weinberger! I am so excited and honored to be on the list!

Social Media is very important and whenever I meet online business owners in person, I continually “preach” to them that they MUST start getting involved in Social Media and they just laugh at me. They can continue to laugh and make negative comments but WAKE UP! We are living in a virtual world of the Internet. The days of the door to door salesman is slowly coming to an end and practically over.

Do you really think just sending out an email or having a Website will “connect” you to potential clients?

Do you think never actually making a connection will sell your product or service?

Do you think Cold Calling without prior connection and bullying into purchasing makes you an ethical business person?

PearlyWrites is a huge promoter and supporter of Social Media. We LOVE to connect to people online and offline. Its amazing to connect with friends, followers and potential clients online and then meet face to face offline and there is such a wonderful level of comfort as if you have known one another for years!

Develop the trust, respect and communication through Social Media and you will continue to learn and be pleased with all your relationships.

Tweeps, Make it a Great Day! @PearlyWrites :)

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