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Using Social Media Data to Find Authority Influencers 0

Using Social Media Data to Find Authority Influencers

Posted by on Dec 2, 2012 in Social Media

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In my many years of working in the field of Search and Social, the cool thing is our approach has always been focused on creating strategies all centered around research and data. (Check the tag line…)

Research could range from search engine rankings, analytics, content auditing, analyzing the competition, to the actual data research for the development of the content piece.

Prior to writing any content, we always research the targets, the competitors and ranking, the available data sources (free & paid), the authority influencers who can either be a contributor in our content piece OR would be interested in reading the content itself. From there, then we begin reviewing the topics and content types which the competition holds a strong placement for. And finally, once we gather all our background research, is when we decide on the content type we plan to create.

There has been many times we have gotten halfway through our process where we decided it wasn’t worth continuing if we couldn’t offer the user something of substance. If the information wasn’t totally different than what any other site was publishing in our space, I have made the decision to “Stop the Presses!”


Because when we develop content, we develop content with a purpose. If we don’t hit one to three of our goals, then the content didn’t perform the way we intended it to. When we don’t hit the goal, as a team we examine and analyze what went wrong and take a note so we don’t repeat.

Part of our SEO and content development process is using social media to find authority influencers.

What exactly is an authority influencer (AI)?

Of course the first thing that enters the mind is a celebrity, but the reality is how many people can interview or be in direct contact with a celebrity. So for the regular person who doesn’t have the connections to get a Kardashian’s phone number, where do we turn? Social Media has opened a path to connect with others throughout the world but mining through all the profiles on all the multiple networks can slow down the content creation and promotion process, hence slowing down the influencer courtship.

One suggestion, which we have used is to create a criteria that your influencers must meet. Whether they have over 10,000 followers, converse about a topic a few times a day, has a strong community within their own website niche; these are just a few ideas prior to spending your time researching for your AIs.

This week, I will be presenting at NCDM 2012 Orlando about this very topic with a colleague where we will share more details about the criteria we use when using social media data to find influencers. Incorporating Search, Social and Content Development data is all part of the strategy we created and continue to use as well as internal proprietary tools. Let’s connect!

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Posted by on Mar 23, 2010 in Social Media

There has been a lot of talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing). The talk has been going on for a few years but working in my new job, I find it quite amusing when people think they understand what SEO is as well as SMM. Throw out a few words which you think you understand and keep repeating them but honestly, that doesn’t help the fact that SEO or SMM are real items and driving forces in business revenue today.

Placing keywords into content is SEO. Yes. BUT that is not the only SEO strategy, there is so much more to organic SEO than this.

SMM is chatting on Twitter and Facebook and posting links. No, eerrr wrong! It’s about engagement, connecting and having a conversation with people, not talking at them.

To continue on my quest to get people to understand about these two ways of online marketing, I will continually create real life scenarios and for some reason love using the word puzzle. As the conversation begins, I already know and get excited that I will be able to use my favorite puzzle analogy! For those who understand SEO understand why a puzzle analogy works so well.

When wanting to hit each outlet and grab the most from your SEO efforts, each piece of the puzzle needs to be in place. If not, then you will not see the results you want. SEO takes time and many people think, Poof! I did it now where’s my money!?!

Social Media Marketing also takes time. To create a following, to get the visitor to trust you, everything takes time. If it was that easy then don’t you think everyone would be engaging each other? Throwing links out into the Twitter feed doesn’t engage anyone but yourself…maybe. (I mean some people do talk to themselves, I don’t know, just sayin…)

In the perfect world, both SEO and SMM would work simultaneously but we don’t live in a perfect world. Some people feel they get more business through SEO, others SMM and some feel both work. I have experienced both for my business where SEO has worked well and for many years SMM worked amazing. What I found was it didn’t make a difference which I focused on, just that both strategies needed to be worked on a daily basis. Once you stop, so does your inquiries and engagement.

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Assumptions and Social Media

Posted by on Mar 15, 2010 in Social Media

I am all for social media obviously but when connecting to old “friends” through Facebook, why do the assumptions begin? Many have not been in face to face or phone to phone contact in over 14 years and they assume and act as if they still know you.

They speak aka type toward you versus speaking to have a nice conversation and learning about what you do, your life, and your family. Is that what connecting is to old friends and acquaintances mean in social media? Live in the past and assume you know the person without even taking into consideration the past 15 years of their life? Even the past 5 years or 1 year of an individual’s life!

Seriously, there are many people’s life’s who have not changed either because they do not like change, are content where they are socially and financially, or don’t see a reason to venture out into unfamiliar territory. BUT just because these “old friends” aren’t does not mean you have the right to assume my life and my inner being hasn’t changed.

All you need to do is type in my name or our company name into a search engine and you WILL see how my life has changed for the better. You will see what doors have been opened as well as the person I have become.

When being involved in Social Media, there are certain items we choose to share and put out into the public view and other parts of our lives we don’t. Some social media dominators do share every item with their followers while others keep a low profile. Social Media plays a strong part of any SEO/SEM campaign and acceptance and open mindedness is suggested.

Has social media caused assumptions in your world from your “BI” (Before Internet) life?

Do you only share parts of your life while keeping other parts out of the public social media eye?

How do you handle the assuming people of your past life?

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