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Sometimes we put things on our to-do list like update the design to our own website that tends to be put to the end of the list.

An old friend came out of hiding a few weeks ago and what a great time he did because I needed a kick in the ass. He simply said, “Lisa, your process is all about creating engaging content which can be promoted, but your own site doesn’t allow to share or connect.”

Yes, this is true as my last site update was from January 2009, so many items in search, content and social has changed. The landscape, the Google updates, the usability, the IA, the overall design of a site and how the web is mostly accessed on a mobile device vs a desktop.

So I had to get my slap in the head from over 3000 miles away to make me realize it was time for a site update.

You will notice the design is minimal, clean, shareable and

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