Build your support system and patience

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Be patient and open minded

Not every business will succeed nor will grow in the direction you want it to. Be patient and ask questions. There are more resources today available to you than there was in the early 2000’s when I started People are open to sharing and willing to have conversations to where there are even networks and forums specialized on self learning a craft. Free courses are always popping up!

When I presented at SEO industry conferences representing an employer, the feedback from my session floored me!

All anyone wanted was real, truthful information that they can take and try on their own.

As some say, my delivery is direct, quick and full of details that many can’t keep up with. But all this experience helped me build up confidence toward being open to trying new things, being patient with my businesses and showed success can be achieved in a variety of situations.

To gain more access to individuals you would like to be mentored by: Use your manners.

If someone helps you solve a problem or is willing to mentor you, use your manners and thank them. There is no need to purchase a gift but a simple “thank you” message, handwritten card or phone call goes a long way.

If you’re considering starting your own business, here’s how to leverage your experience and jump-start your next venture:

Build a support system.

It’s not unlike an entrepreneur to think they can succeed on their own. The reality is that we all need a support system — whether it is a partner, a spouse, a business partner, family, or friends. It can be one, two or three individuals whom you trust and have your best interest in mind.

Fortunately, my spouse has been my support from the early days of when I launched the tutoring service. My sisters are extremely supportive, my two childhood friends and my mentee turned friend and now business partner, Mitch Strohm. Mitch and I connected in 2005 and neither one of us ever saw a future of launching a business together.

Throughout the years, Mitch was my mentee and has grown into a strong digital marketer. So naturally when my husband offered the idea of personal finance for cannabis, I discussed it with Mitch and our LLC, Natural Media, was born! Our first business under the company is, the financial side of cannabis.  

Marketing roadmap

The idea has been decided, the roadmap is being followed and the business is being built. Now what?

  • Do you launch the business and start marketing right away?
  • Which marketing channels do you use?
  • SEO, Paid Media, Outreach, Email?
  • But wait, I need a list. Do I purchase a lead list?

Marketing Roadmap Questions

Take a deep breath and cheer that your business idea has launched. Enjoy the moment. Being worrisome will not help your marketing efforts so stop it. Cluttering your mind will just make things worse and bring you back to the first step.

If you’ve launched a website for your product, let a few people in your network know.

  • Ask them to test the site by clicking or trying to “break” it, and ask them to document their findings to send to you.
  • Once you receive the feedback, fix items that you can afford — the most crucial first.
  • Then review your website and choose one or two items on your site that you want to promote.

Ready to take the next steps in launching your web business?

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