Stop the excuses: launch your web business

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Now I’ve had the good fortune to be part of a number of great startups and companies. And I’ve been able to use my experience to start a number of online companies, including my newest venture  

If you are looking to launch an online business, here is my first step to take to ease you into being a business owner.

Basics of starting a web business: Decide on the type of business you want to provide.

The choices are, but not limited to a service , ecommerce, subscription, or software. This decision will help you with your monetization plan.

Move past the fear and stick to integrity.  

Starting a business is scary. It’s not abnormal to ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my idea stupid?
  • Someone is already doing it, what will make my business different from the competition?
  • Will my business succeed?
  • What if my business fails?
  • Will my business make money?

You’ll find many articles written about how entrepreneurs succeed — not many discuss the failures.

Here’s the thing: You’ve got to embrace those failures and learn from them.

We often choose to only remember the good times and forget the bad. But guess what? You’re the only person who knows you failed and why.

During the early years of, the business took on it’s own direction and I didn’t like where it was going. The control freak in me didn’t like clients dictating my service offerings. It took about a year of adjustment to bring it back to the intended direction.

  • Did anyone know this happened? Not unless I shared it publicly. Clients wanted the quick win of blackhat-SEO thin content, and I didn’t.
  • Did we lose clients and money because I chose to stand my ground? Yes.
  • Did it cause financial hardship? Yes.
  • But am I happy I did it? Absolutely!

Ever hear of Demand Media? PearlyWrites would bid against this company but we offered real, researched and sourced writing — the opposite of what Demand Media was offering.

For those who remembered the mid-2000s, SEO and digital marketing was a disaster of scams to find ways to make money quickly on the Internet, any way possible. The Google results were full of spammy sites due to thin, non-informational content. This is why Google consistently adjust the algorithm to keep clean, informational results in the rankings. Knowing that the plan was to be in the industry for the long term, I stepped away from bidding and restructured my marketing strategy. Because we did that, we gained corporate clients and are still in business.

What’s stopping you? Launch your business and work it. When you are ready to share with others, then promote it.


Full edited article appeared in The Altucher Report.

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