My First AdWords Workshop

Since I was accepted into Simon Leung’s apprentice program, I have been waiting to be assigned a project to work on. I received an email Sunday night about starting to do some copywriting for one of his newest ideas and then yesterday, received an IM from Simon inviting me to his AdWords workshop.
After a whole minute of thought, I was on the phone booking my flight and hotel room to San Jose, Cali. I have been studying on my own about AdSense and AdWords but it is different attending a 3-day workshop from one of the Google Masters!

The workshop is November 9 – 11 and I will be flying up on November 8 and returning Sunday evening. Now all I have to do is get that song out of my head, “lalalallala on my way to San Jose dahdahdaaaa.”

(I don’t even know the words but the tune has not left my brain yet.)

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