Google’s Changing Algorithm?

As reported on CNet yesterday,

Is Google’s PageRank algorithm changing?

There are many speculations about if this rumor is true or why Google wants to change their continued plan to conquering the Internet and make an online marketer rich world to totally dropping many high ranking sites down the totem pole.

Do you think Google likes that they have the power over the entire search engine market and building an Internet empire? Yes of course they do! Between all the buying of other companies, they just keep getting bigger and stronger but to change the algorithm that may hurt some companies, is the power going to far?

Or we can look at it another way; with the changing of the algorithm, will it give the smaller Websites and online businesses a chance to rank higher in the SERP’s? Unfortunately I cannot answer this question but would be interested in seeing if this rumor is true, how it will affect the online-racking-in-the-money business to the smaller gal’s online, working-hard-to-pay-the-bills eCommerce business.

Let’s tune in together to find out what Google has planned next…

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