David Caruso…CSI: Miami

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I am an Opie and Anthony fan. For those who don’t know who O&A are, they are radio show hosts who have been teamed with Jim Norton for quite some time. I first heard them on WNEW in New York in the late 90’s and instantly fell in love.

There sense of humor can be sick at times but they don’t care and that is what I love about them. They let there fans be part of the show and when or if one is in need, they are always willing to help (minus a few of the things they may make them do) O&A always is there at the end for them.

So I was listening to their show on XM 202 yesterday and they spoke about David Caruso on CSI: Miami and how there is a compilation on You Tube. I had to check it out as I have been making fun of “Horatio’s One Liners” for quite some years now.

It is hysterical if you have ever watched CSI: Miami.

Check it out, its really funny and gives you that completeness of corny one liners when you need to hear Horatio say, “Frank, they went Coo-coo (pause) for my Cocoa Puffs) ((music) Rrraaaahhhhhhh

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