Race for the Cure

This year PearlyWrites, LLC will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Phoenix on Oct. 12. We will be racing with Silk Web Consulting and a few other amazing women to show our support for finding a cure to Breast Cancer.

Come down to the race and support us or even walk with us!

If you would like to donate to an amazing cause, please visit our personal Website at: http://komenphoenix.kintera.org/race/pearlywrites

Local Networking in Phoenix

When we first moved to the Valley of the Sun from Northern New Jersey 2.5 year ago, I attempted to go to many different networking events. Besides not being familiar with any of the roads or areas in the Phoenix area, the local networking lasted for about two (2) months and then I stopped completely attending.

I was told by Christine Springer from Desert Edge Legal last Monday about the Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber. I also invited Laurel Silk from SilkWeb Consulting & Development along and we had a blast! Everyone we met at the event were so open and friendly and after a few of the “other” past experiences I have had at some other chamber events (Can we say the Peoria Chamber ABSOLUTELY sucks ass!), this was a breath of fresh air!

I met a promotional company, Snyder Promotional Products, who I have a meeting with this week to discuss promotional items; not just the typical boring type either. With our adult side of PearlyWrites, also known as PB Vixen, we need non-boring promotional items (especially for AEE 2009 this year in Vegas Baby!). Minxy already started throwing out ideas that night so I am VERY excited to discuss these with her. (Will write a follow up after our meeting.)

Overall from not going to local Phoenix networking events for over a year, this was a great experience to enter the in-person networking world again. Since I ranted and raved about how wonderful it was, SilkWeb now has convinced me to go with her tomorrow night to an ASBA mixer at SKYE lounge. (and yes she also got me to join ASBA! Laurel you have mastered Jewish mother guilt, Oy Vey!)

I hope to get around the Valley more and start meeting many of my Twitter connections in the Valley of the Sun; and SilkWeb WILL be there as well.

My Newest Creation

Although I write a lot of copy, I have been very interested in learning more about SEO and SEM strategies. I started studying more about this niche a few months ago and trying my hand at PR and techniques to rank PearlyWrites higher in the search engines under writing, editing and marketing services. I was actually very surprised PW was ranked at a PR4.I have been reading and questioning many SEO service experts and appreciate all of their patience and help with my new journey. I was quite shocked and impressed that so many successful SEO entrepreneurs were open to helping me which was a breath of fresh air.With all this said, I have now started a new site focused on my other desire, education. The new Website is PhDGirl.com and hope to grow it into a place where college and universities will want to advertise and where students and parents come for answers regarding many of life’s questions about the big decision of higher education.

Online degrees, PhD degrees, Master degrees, BA degrees and many more programs which a degree or certification can be obtained is easier than you think. Stop on by and let me know how I am doing on PhD Girl.com. It is a work in progress so please be kind…

PLEASE Stop Offering Me Your Services!!!

Today must have been the day for services ranging from CPA’s, health insurances, work from home, etc. to call small businesses in Arizona and ANNOY them!

I usually don’t let it bother me but I just got off the phone with the most conceded, disrespectful, CPA! The sales voice and pitch he thought was going strong and that ANNOYING chuckle which shows me he thinks he is funny, wasn’t.

As I explained to him my situation and how I have used the same CPA for 6 years now in NJ, he proceeded to tell me “he” which my CPA is a woman, was not up to date on Arizona law and I am better going with a local CPA. This arrogant guy continued with, “If you have your friend, you know some college kid, doing your taxes, then you may find yourself in trouble come tax season.”

Waiting for him to finally shut his mouth, I simply said, “No thank you,” and thought the conversation would stop there. I WAS WRONG!

This guy continued and just LOVED hearing himself speak! I resorted to, “Well, I may not keep the business open.” WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE! BUT it worked and got him off the damn phone!

Why do these people think they are so amazingly great! I can’t understand them?
I am missing the NY / NJ attitude and the “withitness” many of us have. For those who understand my point, THANK YOU!

If you have a service to offer, PLEASE don’t call me, I’ll call you…

David Caruso…CSI: Miami

I am an Opie and Anthony fan. For those who don’t know who O&A are, they are radio show hosts who have been teamed with Jim Norton for quite some time. I first heard them on WNEW in New York in the late 90’s and instantly fell in love.

There sense of humor can be sick at times but they don’t care and that is what I love about them. They let there fans be part of the show and when or if one is in need, they are always willing to help (minus a few of the things they may make them do) O&A always is there at the end for them.

So I was listening to their show on XM 202 yesterday and they spoke about David Caruso on CSI: Miami and how there is a compilation on You Tube. I had to check it out as I have been making fun of “Horatio’s One Liners” for quite some years now.

It is hysterical if you have ever watched CSI: Miami.

Check it out, its really funny and gives you that completeness of corny one liners when you need to hear Horatio say, “Frank, they went Coo-coo (pause) for my Cocoa Puffs) ((music) Rrraaaahhhhhhh

Prescription Drugs: Doctor says, “No,” Internet says, “Yes”

It’s after the holidays and you find you have packed on a few extra pounds and want them to melt away as quickly as possible. You call your doctor and discuss your weight concerns with them in hopes they will prescribe one of the many prescription diet pills. Unfortunately for you, the doctor has decided you can lose the weight on your own and says, “No.”

What is your next step in trying to get your diet pill prescription? Not many doctors agree with using diet pills and will not prescribe them.

It seems the only thing the US government is concerned about when it comes to drugs is arresting people for the use of illegal drugs like Marijuana. What about the prescription drugs that can be bought through the Internet by anyone? If you have never done a search to buy prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription, then you are in for a shock!

For years, the elderly have been buying their prescription medication through Canada and Mexico and this is a well-known practice BUT these prescriptions are written by their REAL physician.

Are you aware that going to a Website like www.pillrush.com allows you to purchase prescription drugs without a prescription from your physician? How can they sell these chemicals you ask? Quite simply actually; when you go to place your order with the prescription drug of your choice, before you pay, they ask the buyer a series of questions related to their health. Through the buyer answering the detailed questions, the Pharmacist then determines if the prescription drug can be prescribed to the buyer or not.

How does prescription drug Websites get around the age of the buyer? Simply by stating a person over 21 must be home to receive the arrival of the package. Are they serious? Do the Websites think this is how they are protecting teenagers from purchasing prescription drugs? This statement reminds me of being 11 years old and wanting to get into a Rated-R movie and asking the first adult that walked by if they would buy the movie tickets for us and walk us in!

This was a scary discovery and can be approached in two ways. Either you can be against the fact that prescription drugs can now be more easily obtained or you just discovered a new way to purchase all the prescription medications you want. The catch: If you have insurance, plan to pay for these medications out of pocket.

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What is Flutternoia?

While I was getting my BA in English, I had a wonderful English Professor named Dr. Cori Wells. What a wonderful teacher and person.

She presented the class an assignment called Neologism essays. The goal was to make up a word and give the meaning behind how the word came of being and form a definition.

My word was Flutternoia. Unfortunately, I do not know where my essay went. I think it was lost on my back up floppy disk (yes, floppy disk!).

I do remember how I discovered my word. It was after a summer spent in Israel where I taught Israeli students the English language and just the pure adrenaline of living in Israel. It was also around the time of many bus bombings occurring so the combination of everything brought slight paranoia.

Flutternoia came of being from the flutter of butterflies wings you may feel in your stomach from an adrenaline rush with the paranoia that can occur for a split second.

I now use this assignment in my own English classes and am always amazed with the words that my students discover.