The Office

Many freelancers have a home office since they are the only employee. Setting up your home office takes vision and imagination if your home office is really suppose to be a bedroom. The size of my office is quite large and I am very happy with it and I EVEN get a large window to look out of!

So what happens when you are working and your neighbors and their kids are constantly outside playing with everything imaginable! From their 20 feet off the ground pick-up trucks exhaust to their car sound system as the bass is vibrating everything in my office to the ever popular let’s fly a kite in the middle of the street!


What do you do? Do you go outside and tell them to try and be a little considerate? If I was still in Jersey, I would go outside and use a few choice words but I am finding in my new life in Arizona, they don’t get it! Only once did I have to go to my neighbor who lived above us in Jersey and ask if he could keep the stampede of elephants running above my head down a bit. I wasn’t even going to do it but my husband even looked at me and was like, “Is he having a fight or something up there?”

So yes, I can go to the local coffee shop or book store and do my work there BUT why should I? I live in a single family home on a nice block which is mostly quiet minus the neighbors who live next door to us. I guess we got the luck of the draw…

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