SEO Editing and Strategy

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In all the years I have been involved in this industry, I never really considered part of my job to SEO edit but the more I looked back at the work I have done and the projects I have managed, many of them required SEO editing.

What exactly is SEO editing?

Many times when we get into writing, our minds are so focused on making sure the point of the copy is easily found. Usually when copy is produced, once it is written, it is also edited and goes to a copy editor for any mistakes which may have occurred during the writing process. Well there is another step which some copy editors may be reviewing for which is called SEO editing.

When a piece of content is created, each part or person’s job has a focus to complete their job correctly. The same goes for SEO editing. Without SEO editing, or a person who reviews the content for specific SEO items, how do you know if your content will appear in search or if it even has a chance to optimize in the search engines?

Content is created to inform your readers but if it cannot be found in the search, then the information being shared will never get into the hands of your potential readers.

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