Google SEO Article

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Connecting using the online social media sites can bring a wealth of information. Sites like Facebook, Stumble Upon and Twitter allows you to connect with others throughout the world.

This week, one of our Twitter friends posted a link to a Google article about “What’s an SEO?” The article discussed if Google recommends using an SEO.

A few main points mentioned in the Google SEO article are:
1) Be weary of any company or SEO consultant who makes a guarantee,
2) If you receive an email out of the blue about your site and its ranking from a so-called SEO company, approach this as the same as the email about “How you won a million dollars,
3) If you ask questions and the SEO is being secretive, this should raise a red flag,
4) You should NEVER have to link to an SEO.

With Organic SEO, we are always honest and straight about the techniques we use. They are all listed directly on our site so there are never any questions of what we are doing for our clients.

Google sets rules to help Websites, not hurt them. Work with Google’s rules and see how your results improve. Honesty and business ethics still should be followed while conducting online business. As @CoachDeb always says, “I Want to Be SEDUCED!”

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