PLEASE Stop Offering Me Your Services!!!

Today must have been the day for services ranging from CPA’s, health insurances, work from home, etc. to call small businesses in Arizona and ANNOY them!

I usually don’t let it bother me but I just got off the phone with the most conceded, disrespectful, CPA! The sales voice and pitch he thought was going strong and that ANNOYING chuckle which shows me he thinks he is funny, wasn’t.

As I explained to him my situation and how I have used the same CPA for 6 years now in NJ, he proceeded to tell me “he” which my CPA is a woman, was not up to date on Arizona law and I am better going with a local CPA. This arrogant guy continued with, “If you have your friend, you know some college kid, doing your taxes, then you may find yourself in trouble come tax season.”

Waiting for him to finally shut his mouth, I simply said, “No thank you,” and thought the conversation would stop there. I WAS WRONG!

This guy continued and just LOVED hearing himself speak! I resorted to, “Well, I may not keep the business open.” WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE! BUT it worked and got him off the damn phone!

Why do these people think they are so amazingly great! I can’t understand them?
I am missing the NY / NJ attitude and the “withitness” many of us have. For those who understand my point, THANK YOU!

If you have a service to offer, PLEASE don’t call me, I’ll call you…