Set your own deadlines

Set your own deadlines to succeed

Although you have plenty of motivation to being your own boss, it takes self-discipline and accountability to complete actual tasks and projects. Since many web businesses begin with a self-employed individual or partnership, setting up a project management system, to keep your growing business on track, is suggested.

Incorporate seamless project management into your strategy.

Not every business needs to start with all the fancy software and tools. Many software companies offer a free or low cost option to allow for management of projects. Do your best to eliminate back-and-forth emails with contractors who are being used for ongoing tasks or projects.

project management

Some management tools to look into include:

  • Trello – A project management tool to help keep projects moving along and inform a team of the  different stages. This also helps cut down on emails.
  • Basecamp – Another project management tool.
  • Slack – Communication is a must when building a team!
  • GSuite (Google Apps – Drive, Hangouts, Voice) – All of these tools are free or affordable for a budding entrepreneur. With my present business,, we use Google Apps since there are two of us with lots of ideas and daily communication.
  • Sprout Social – Yes, I know. Sprout Social could be pushing the budget a bit. But they give a nice package for their cost. Having worked in corporate settings, getting to use the big, bad, expensive social media tools, Sprout is a favorite of mine when it comes to management of social media campaigns.
  • Mail Chimp – As you are growing your list of contacts, and want to email them all about an update, Mail Chimp offers you an affordable way to touch base as well as remind your network to consider you for services.
  • Buzzstream –  A contact relationship management system designed for social media and email interactions.

Look into building your site on WordPress as it is easy for a new business owner to learn, create and manage.

* Very important: If you can’t complete a task or project, you will never make money.


Full article appeared in The Altucher Report.