AdWords Workshop This Weekend!

I received an email this morning from the AdWords workshop head, Simon, asking if I could do an hour long presentation about SEO, Copywriting and AdWords and how they all relate to each other. Of course I was honored and said, “YES!!!”

I’ve been a busy bee putting together a PPT presentation which I will be running through the next two days to make it perfect or close to perfect. Then he said if it goes well, they are recording it and then we can develop it into a product!

Will keep everyone informed of how it goes and of any new developments. SOOO Excited!!!

Google’s Changing Algorithm?

As reported on CNet yesterday,

Is Google’s PageRank algorithm changing?

There are many speculations about if this rumor is true or why Google wants to change their continued plan to conquering the Internet and make an online marketer rich world to totally dropping many high ranking sites down the totem pole.

Do you think Google likes that they have the power over the entire search engine market and building an Internet empire? Yes of course they do! Between all the buying of other companies, they just keep getting bigger and stronger but to change the algorithm that may hurt some companies, is the power going to far?

Or we can look at it another way; with the changing of the algorithm, will it give the smaller Websites and online businesses a chance to rank higher in the SERP’s? Unfortunately I cannot answer this question but would be interested in seeing if this rumor is true, how it will affect the online-racking-in-the-money business to the smaller gal’s online, working-hard-to-pay-the-bills eCommerce business.

Let’s tune in together to find out what Google has planned next…

My First AdWords Workshop

Since I was accepted into Simon Leung’s apprentice program, I have been waiting to be assigned a project to work on. I received an email Sunday night about starting to do some copywriting for one of his newest ideas and then yesterday, received an IM from Simon inviting me to his AdWords workshop.
After a whole minute of thought, I was on the phone booking my flight and hotel room to San Jose, Cali. I have been studying on my own about AdSense and AdWords but it is different attending a 3-day workshop from one of the Google Masters!

The workshop is November 9 – 11 and I will be flying up on November 8 and returning Sunday evening. Now all I have to do is get that song out of my head, “lalalallala on my way to San Jose dahdahdaaaa.”

(I don’t even know the words but the tune has not left my brain yet.)

NYT SEO Article

I just received exciting news that one of my clients, a software development company, was interviewed by the New York Times. The interview will appear in the paper and online the last week of September.

Now for even more exciting news! My client, who is very cool, asked if I could write an article that the hard link from the New York Times interview will be directed to. He felt rather than sending interested parties directly to his home page, having the traffic go to another page with more information about the topic would be ideal.

So the article I wrote will be linked to my client’s NYT interview!!! OK, it’s not an article in the NYT but at least its close…

10,000 Page Views!

In this world we call the Internet, does 10,000 page views mean anything? As of last night, the new PearlyWrites Website received 10,195 page views for the month of August. If I am not getting the conversion to new clients, then what do page views do for my business?

With all of the page views, does it mean I will see my page ranking increase?

PearlyWrites is now a virtual marketing and copywriting company. This means we work with clients everywhere in the world, not just locally to promote their business offline and online but everywhere! We still offer copywriting services of course!

So what does 10,000 page views do for business in the overall picture?

My Newest Creation

Although I write a lot of copy, I have been very interested in learning more about SEO and SEM strategies. I started studying more about this niche a few months ago and trying my hand at PR and techniques to rank PearlyWrites higher in the search engines under writing, editing and marketing services. I was actually very surprised PW was ranked at a PR4.I have been reading and questioning many SEO service experts and appreciate all of their patience and help with my new journey. I was quite shocked and impressed that so many successful SEO entrepreneurs were open to helping me which was a breath of fresh air.With all this said, I have now started a new site focused on my other desire, education. The new Website is and hope to grow it into a place where college and universities will want to advertise and where students and parents come for answers regarding many of life’s questions about the big decision of higher education.

Online degrees, PhD degrees, Master degrees, BA degrees and many more programs which a degree or certification can be obtained is easier than you think. Stop on by and let me know how I am doing on PhD It is a work in progress so please be kind…

The Office

Many freelancers have a home office since they are the only employee. Setting up your home office takes vision and imagination if your home office is really suppose to be a bedroom. The size of my office is quite large and I am very happy with it and I EVEN get a large window to look out of!

So what happens when you are working and your neighbors and their kids are constantly outside playing with everything imaginable! From their 20 feet off the ground pick-up trucks exhaust to their car sound system as the bass is vibrating everything in my office to the ever popular let’s fly a kite in the middle of the street!


What do you do? Do you go outside and tell them to try and be a little considerate? If I was still in Jersey, I would go outside and use a few choice words but I am finding in my new life in Arizona, they don’t get it! Only once did I have to go to my neighbor who lived above us in Jersey and ask if he could keep the stampede of elephants running above my head down a bit. I wasn’t even going to do it but my husband even looked at me and was like, “Is he having a fight or something up there?”

So yes, I can go to the local coffee shop or book store and do my work there BUT why should I? I live in a single family home on a nice block which is mostly quiet minus the neighbors who live next door to us. I guess we got the luck of the draw…

Inquiries, Inquiries and More Inquiries

The month of February has started off with many inquiries from all different types of companies and projects. From marketing companies and graphic artists to SMB’s and individual businesses, I have been sending quotes out everyday.

The challenge is to receive a response back from these inquiries after I give my copywriting rates. The time to receive a response or an estimated time when the project needs to be complete has posed a difficulty. Until they need your services, a response to an e-mail or phone call does not occur.

As I always say, “All the promises are nice to hear but till a contract is signed and money is exchanged, it doesn’t mean S***.”

PLEASE Stop Offering Me Your Services!!!

Today must have been the day for services ranging from CPA’s, health insurances, work from home, etc. to call small businesses in Arizona and ANNOY them!

I usually don’t let it bother me but I just got off the phone with the most conceded, disrespectful, CPA! The sales voice and pitch he thought was going strong and that ANNOYING chuckle which shows me he thinks he is funny, wasn’t.

As I explained to him my situation and how I have used the same CPA for 6 years now in NJ, he proceeded to tell me “he” which my CPA is a woman, was not up to date on Arizona law and I am better going with a local CPA. This arrogant guy continued with, “If you have your friend, you know some college kid, doing your taxes, then you may find yourself in trouble come tax season.”

Waiting for him to finally shut his mouth, I simply said, “No thank you,” and thought the conversation would stop there. I WAS WRONG!

This guy continued and just LOVED hearing himself speak! I resorted to, “Well, I may not keep the business open.” WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE! BUT it worked and got him off the damn phone!

Why do these people think they are so amazingly great! I can’t understand them?
I am missing the NY / NJ attitude and the “withitness” many of us have. For those who understand my point, THANK YOU!

If you have a service to offer, PLEASE don’t call me, I’ll call you…