Race for the Cure 0

Race for the Cure

Posted by on Oct 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

This year PearlyWrites, LLC will be participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Phoenix on Oct. 12. We will be racing with Silk Web Consulting and a few other amazing women to show our support for finding a cure to Breast Cancer.

Come down to the race and support us or even walk with us!

If you would like to donate to an amazing cause, please visit our personal Website at: http://komenphoenix.kintera.org/race/pearlywrites

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Local Networking in Phoenix

Posted by on Aug 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

When we first moved to the Valley of the Sun from Northern New Jersey 2.5 year ago, I attempted to go to many different networking events. Besides not being familiar with any of the roads or areas in the Phoenix area, the local networking lasted for about two (2) months and then I stopped completely attending.

I was told by Christine Springer from Desert Edge Legal last Monday about the Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber. I also invited Laurel Silk from SilkWeb Consulting & Development along and we had a blast! Everyone we met at the event were so open and friendly and after a few of the “other” past experiences I have had at some other chamber events (Can we say the Peoria Chamber ABSOLUTELY sucks ass!), this was a breath of fresh air!

I met a promotional company, Snyder Promotional Products, who I have a meeting with this week to discuss promotional items; not just the typical boring type either. With our adult side of PearlyWrites, also known as PB Vixen, we need non-boring promotional items (especially for AEE 2009 this year in Vegas Baby!). Minxy already started throwing out ideas that night so I am VERY excited to discuss these with her. (Will write a follow up after our meeting.)

Overall from not going to local Phoenix networking events for over a year, this was a great experience to enter the in-person networking world again. Since I ranted and raved about how wonderful it was, SilkWeb now has convinced me to go with her tomorrow night to an ASBA mixer at SKYE lounge. (and yes she also got me to join ASBA! Laurel you have mastered Jewish mother guilt, Oy Vey!)

I hope to get around the Valley more and start meeting many of my Twitter connections in the Valley of the Sun; and SilkWeb WILL be there as well. ;)

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My Newest Creation 0

My Newest Creation

Posted by on Mar 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

Although I write a lot of copy, I have been very interested in learning more about SEO and SEM strategies. I started studying more about this niche a few months ago and trying my hand at PR and techniques to rank PearlyWrites higher in the search engines under writing, editing and marketing services. I was actually very surprised PW was ranked at a PR4.

I have been reading and questioning many SEO service experts and appreciate all of their patience and help with my new journey. I was quite shocked and impressed that so many successful SEO entrepreneurs were open to helping me which was a breath of fresh air.

With all this said, I have now started a new site focused on my other desire, education. The new Website is PhDGirl.com and hope to grow it into a place where college and universities will want to advertise and where students and parents come for answers regarding many of life’s questions about the big decision of higher education.

Online degrees, PhD degrees, Master degrees, BA degrees and many more programs which a degree or certification can be obtained is easier than you think. Stop on by and let me know how I am doing on PhD Girl.com. It is a work in progress so please be kind…

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